Mosin Nagant Sporter, SoCal South Bay

over 1 year ago
Mosin Nagant Sporter, SoCal South Bay
Mosin Nagant
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Redondo Beach

This is a born again Mosin Nagant 91/30 (1939 round receiver, 21" barrel length). This was built by a Calgunner and transferred to me before being shot, according to him. I've taken it to the range once to test functionality and put a box of ammo through it. Shoots great and is LOUD! Trigger is amazing and stock/mount is solid. Stock has a few small dings here and there.
I was told all the mods were performed by a gunsmith (labor was >$100) -- all I did was put on the scope and bipod (not included w/ sale). Here's what you get (note: case also not included):
Bedded BlueGrass tactical stock w/ adjustable comb (~$250 new (link))
Custom bent bolt (~$50)
Muzzle brake (~$50)
Rock Solid Industries scope mount (>$80 new (link))
Timney trigger (>$100 new (link))
Looking for 450 USD. Buyer pays transfer fees.
Ideal PPT location is Turners in Torrance but willing to travel some. Will ship on buyer's dime.
I also have an assortment of magnetic and non-magnetic 7.62x54r ammo I can also sell on the side if you're interested.