Mossberg 100 ATR .308 | .308 reloading dies /cases /ammunition

10 months ago
Mossberg 100 ATR .308  | .308 reloading dies /cases /ammunition
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Cal Guns
Northern CA

Selling off my .308 rifle (opting for a different cartridge) and all.308 specific reloading items. I can send pictures and a full list, but I have the dies, shell holder, Lee trimming tool, and probably some 30 cal. projectiles.
I'm in San Francisco so I'll obviously have to drive to you. (You pay my drive at the federal tax write off rate I
think it's $0.54/ mile) I'm willing to drive within a few hours.
Shipping: NO
PRICE: reloading supplies, I'll sell at $0.80 on the dollar. Completely unused.brass is a bonus for whatever takes the reloading supplies.
Rifle: unscopped, $350, buyer pays transfer. Less than 200 rounds through it. It's a great gun. Love the trigger. Just wanted a different cartridge. I replaced the scope mount with picatinny, but I have the original.
Bipod not included.
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