Mossberg 500 12 ga 5+1 & 8+1 Shotguns, San Diego

about 1 year ago
Mossberg 500 12 ga 5+1 & 8+1 Shotguns, San Diego
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Cal Guns
(city or county): San Diego

Make: Mossberg
Model: 500 Combo 5+1 / 8+1 Tactical
Caliber: 12 ga
Location (city or county): San Diego
Price: $400 / $400
; poss trade for SPR upper or Socom upper in 5.56
Will ship (Y/N): Maybe, for the right price
Other info: So here are two Mossberg 500 Shotguns in LNIB condition respectively:
I really hate to let these go but I am trying to fund a new upper Socom or SPR build for my AR15;
1) I purchased this fine gun from a 70 year old gentlemen whom never fired it, it sat in his safe for 20 years. It is a Combo model and comes with 18" barrel and 28" barrel. Has the gold trigger and SAtin Walnut wood furniture as well as Hogue Rubber Overmold pistol grip and forend with sling (all new). I have the original Mossberg polymer forend as well. Solid gun and can be used for just about anything from home defense to hunting to skeet or trap. Action is super smooth and no rattle at all. I've only shot it twice since I bought it, and cleaned it thoroughly afterward. Maybe 50 rounds through it. Has limiter for hunting and bead sight on both barrels.
**Middle HERE**
2) Purchased this from a calgunner recently, he said was a safe queen as well.
It looks like it's never been fired, I have not shot it either. 20" 500 Tactical 8+1 capacity. Great all around gun for HD, SD. I bought it because of the 8+1 and decided to go another route, would make a great bedside gun with lots of capacity and short barrel. Has limiter for hunting and bead sight.
This model is new as of 2016 and hard to find online so I am going to provide the links I can find on it:
**no ghost sights
Actual pic:
**bottom here**