Chinese Type 56 SKS-Rancho Cucamonga-No Ship-$450

about 1 year ago
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Make: Chinese
Model: Type 56 SKS
Caliber: 7.62x39
Location (city or county): Rancho Cucamonga / SB county
Price: $450
Will ship (Y/N): NO
Other info: Buyer pays for DROS. IF there is a problem with your DROS, i.e., you are a felon and you cannot take ownership of the firearm, I have the right to keep my gun and your $$$, and I will. You should know if you can pass a background check, do a live scan if you need to, please don't waste my time.
Maybe that's not fair, but it is NOT my responsibility to ensure you can take delivery of the firearm, it is yours.
I have for sale a Chinese type 56 with blade bayonet in overall pretty good condition. It is a "ghost" sks, made 1956-1957, 6 digit serial number with no Triangle or other manufacturer markings. The bluing is worn but has a nice patina, it has a refinished stock & a cheesegrater handguard. I do not have the original stock, it was cracked/beat beyond repair so it was replaced. All matching numbers except the top cover. Disclosure, the hand guard is epoxied in place, so if you wanted to replace with a wood one you would have to remove it or simply just buy a replacement gas tube, pretty simple. I only have about 300 rounds through it, 100% function. It has been completely decosmolined, it was given a mineral spirits bath, followed by the oven, followed by boiling water then lubed with CLP. I never actually zeroed the gun, it was more of a conversation piece but I don't really care for it anymore since I have accumulated more AKs, which is my preference. The bore is dark but rifling is strong, some minor pitting but what can you expect from a gun that probably saw action that was made in 56-57.
My preference for PPT is Alamo Pawn in west Covina, but I can do turners in Covina or Rancho Cucamonga. If you are coming from the San Diego area, I am willing meet half way at the turners in Temecula. If you are coming from anywhere else, sorry, no meeting half way, especially if that involves LA or Pasadena. I have +12 positive feedback on here and +105 positive (no negative) feedback on FWIW. Thanks for looking!
Cash ONLY. Only trades I will consider are:
-Mossberg 590A1 (SKU: 51663)
20 inch barrel, 12GA, 9 round tube, ghost ring sights (NOT the xs big dot, I hate those). That's it, no other SKU/variant of the 590A1, & preferably stock (no side saddle, rails, other forends, etc)
- 2500 rounds of factory quality brass 9mm FMJ (123/124gr, i.e., Federal, Fiocchi, etc). No reloads or steel
PM is fine, first person to post an "I'll Take It" in thread and sends a follow up PM gets priority, I do not care who PM'ed me first