Mossberg 590A1 w/ pistol grip stock, Orange County, Will Ship

11 months ago
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Orange County

Make: Mossberg
Model: 590A1
Caliber: 12 Gauge
Location (city or county): Orange County, Tustin
Price: 550.00. If you don't want the pistol grip + cheekpad, then these will be removed and price will be
discounted to $500 (default stock will be installed). The default stock comes whether you buy it customized or not.
Will ship (Y/N): Yes, if buyer willing to pay fees
Other info:
Available is a Mossberg 590a1, capacity of 8+1. Full Cylinder Bore. Parkerized Finish, condition 98%. The finish has some wear due to normal range use, but the gun is 100% and has been cleaned/maintained regularly. Ghost ring sights with adjustable rear sight, ideal when adjusted for slugs or further ranged shooting. Heavy barrel, and has a 6-round sidesaddle installed on the left side of the receiver. This gun's safety is on upper of the receiver, behind the Ghost Ring sights. Round count about 180. Has a 6-position adjustable AR-style pistol grip stock with velcro cheekpad mounted. The stock has 5-rd sidesaddles installed on both sides of the stock, allowing up to 16 rounds to be carried on the shotgun (not counting loading the tube). The default monte carlo stock and mounting screws also come with this shotgun.
This shotgun (all 590A1's) has the unique ability to mount an M9 bayonet on the front (lug and retaining cap), which gives it another mean edge when it comes to CQB or cool factor.
If you do not wish to keep the velcro cheekpad and 6 position stock/pistolgrip, the default stock will be installed instead and the selling
price is dropped to $500.
I am the original owner, this gun has been bought brand new in 2009.
Buyer pays all fees, PPT only.
Thanks for browsing!
Stock photo (this gun's pics will be up soon):
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