Pistols for Sale

about 6 years ago
Pistols for Sale
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At this time I have 3 pistols for sale! 1) FNH 5.7 Standard FN 5.7 pistol. Factory barrel that was threaded by Tornado Tech. It comes with a thread protectorComes with one standard 20rd mag also includes 6 - 30rd mags. Gently used and carried in the woods as a backup sidearm The fit in finish is near new! 280 rounds fires.... I also have ammo available if interested. No box$1200.00 shipped NDA to your FFL
SPF SPF 2) Springfield EMP 40cal 3" carry model 40 calcomes with 2 factory mags - no boxFit and finish is near new! This was not carried, it was a bedside table gun. 25 founds fired or less. No box!$700.00 shipped NDA to your FFL SPF SPF SPF 3) Ruger LCP 380 Excellent lightweight carry gun. Near new, 21 rounds fired in a CCDW course by my wife. Hasn't left the house more then once! Comes with 2 mags with Pierce grip extensions. Has box and all manuals $265.00 shipped NDA to your FFL.