SS Room BFONG MP40 (Blank only gun)

about 6 years ago
SS Room BFONG MP40 (Blank only gun)
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Columbus GA

For sale: SchoesslerÂ’s Supply Room (SSRoom) Blank firing only non gun (BFONG) for sale. In good shape, runs well. No major finish wear, but does have some minor blemishes. The barrel resting bar was lost, and I have a reproduction Bakelite one, not installed. Some sag in the stock in the closed position (typical), and some play between the upper and lower (also typical with these). Function well with several mags I have, while it has some stovepipe issues with other mags. I've been using Atlantic Wall Blanks with great success. Comes with 8 mags, leather sling, and a set of high quality reproduction mag pouches (At the Front production). $3,000 plus shipping. Money order only, or trade towards a G43/K43. I can provide references (my username is marktaylor388 on ebay). Email if interested.