WTS T-14 Nambu matching rig / P1 P38

over 4 years ago
WTS T-14 Nambu matching rig / P1 P38
edward tinker
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This is an interesting rig - it was left with a very gummy oil or something on it, I cleaned up up lightly, but the action is still sluggish and feels stiff. I have not had it all apart, but what I have seen, it appears to be all matching, including the magazine and although hard to tell, the very odd transitional holster!
The holster is leather on the top part and canvas on the bottom, very cool. It has a spare striker (firing pin) on the the inside, but like most canvas holsters, pretty hard to get out, so I have not attempted it. In addition, the catch to hold the lid down is missing.
The finish is good, but must have sat somewhere for a long time, its not pitted except for some weird pitting or bangs on the underneath of the trigger guard, perhaps someone was an idiot and did not know how to take it apart?
The magazine safety is broken and the bore, although it has good grooves, has some pitting in the lands.
Ok, I have made this sound pretty awful, but in reality, its not a bad looking piece. It is a Tokyo I believe, 18.4 which equals 1943, April
$800 shipped 2nd day air / FFL 01 or 03 - will be coming from a 03, so ensure your FFL takes it from me or add $40 for fees on my end
email works best, and I'll take it over any more pictures or PM questions - but will answer questions. The rear of the holster is good, my camera is acting up ---