WTS: Type 14 Nambu Holster, Type 30 Bayonet, K98 Bayonet

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WTS: Type 14 Nambu Holster, Type 30 Bayonet, K98 Bayonet
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More purging of an overcrowded safe! Prices on these items include shipping. Payment by check, postal money order or PayPal(gift or plus 3.5%). Few pics below, many more at linked slide show. Questions welcomed. Thanks for looking!
1. Canvas holster for Type 14 Nambu. This is a mint late war canvas holster for the Japanese Type 14 pistol. These seem to be a little less common than the earlier leather holsters and are often in bad shape as the canvas can get stiff and brittle. This one is literally impossible to improve. All stitching is tight, the often-damaged closure is near perfect, the canvas is pliable and the color is uniform with no major staining. The best T14 holster I own. Perfect piece to finish your T14 rig. $175.
Slideshow: http://s1006.photobucket.com/user/th...r%20No%20Strap
2. Type 30 Bayonet for the Type 99 rifle. This bayonet includes a nice scabbard as well as an original leather frog with some cracking but it's still fairly soft. Made by Matsushita Kinzoku (Nationa Denki), this one has a blued blade, bird's head pommel and hooked quillion. Blade is excellent and scabbard is not dented. A great example. $125
Slideshow: http://s1006.photobucket.com/user/th...eshow/Bayonets
3. Bayonet for the K98 rifle. This is a 43cqh (made in 1943 by Clemen & Jun) bayonet for the German K98. This is a less common manufacturer. Features a blued blade with no nicks, never sharpened, excellent finish. Matching numbers on the bayo and scabbard. Scabbard has thinning finish but no dents. Thinning from use on the bayo handle as well. If you're only going to own one K98 bayo, this is the one! You can find them cheaper but this one is really nice, matching, and not as common as some others. $175
Slideshow: http://s1006.photobucket.com/user/th...eshow/Bayonets