Ruger SR22R 22LR model 1226 (brand new, never shot) / San Mateo County

almost 2 years ago
Ruger SR22R 22LR model 1226 (brand new, never shot) / San Mateo County
Navy Arms
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Never shot a single round out of it, it's been sitting in it's original box since I bought it new, only took it out to look at it several times. See images below.
- Make: Ruger
- Model: 1226 (SR22R)
- Caliber: 22LR
- County: San Mateo
- Price: $420 firm (CASH ONLY, please do not show up with a check, that happened once before, I was somewhat irked by it)
- Will ship: No
- Barrel length: 16.12"
- Stock: Collapsible
- This model uses a flash hider
- Comes with ALL original materials: SR22R rifle, 1 10 rd magazine, lock, manual, barrel support and original box
- Kept in a dry room, no rust at all, no scratches
The only things I did to it:
1. Used blue Loctite on the screws for the top rail.
2. Added a picatinny rail for the hand guard for swivel and mount (swivel and mount not included) and blue Loctite that.
3. Removed the original barrel support (still included and can be mounted back on easily)
4. And lubed it up.
About the barrel support that I removed, it is only used to keep the barrel lined up straight with the hand guard, mainly for cosmetic reason, which affects accuracy. By removing it, now the barrel is truly a free float and accuracy is much improved. Like I said, I never shot this rifle, I removed the barrel support, due to an article I've read and also speaking to Nordic (manufacturer of the receiver) about it, they also suggested removing it for much improved accuracy.
The receiver is made by Nordic. In earlier version, if you want to remove the bolt for cleaning, you would have to remove the top rail first, which requires re-zero afterward. The current version I have, Nordic has updated their design, where you do not have to remove the top rail, so no re-zero is required.
PPT transfer will be done at (I must call them first, to find out if their gun safe has enough room. Their transfer fee is $35, buyer pays. If you do decide to buy it, please don't flake out and be on time to meet up):
Jackson Arms
152 Utah Ave #140
South San Francisco, CA 94080
If you bought it from a dealer yourself, there would be a 9% tax.
PM me for any questions, if you want to talk about it over the phone, please include your phone # with the PM. Thanks and happy shooting.