45 colt Ruger black hawk and taurus 450

over 1 year ago
45 colt Ruger black hawk and taurus 450
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Northwest Firearms

Ruger Blackhak 45 colt custom 3-3/4 barrel older large frame can shoot +P
comes with crossdraw holster,
Taurus 450 with pancake holster and to speed loaders
included is all the ammo and reloading stuff I have for 45 colt
another $500 value
that's a $1550 value
what I need is a working vehicle, no junk no "this is wrong or that is wrong"
a good running dependable vehicle
I would prefer a 91 trooper but I am open
something with a 2" hitch would be great but if the right car comes up so be it,,
would prefer Springfield Eugene area so I don't have to travel