WTS: Noble Model 50 16ga & Yugo M59 C&R SFV

about 5 years ago
WTS: Noble Model 50 16ga & Yugo M59 C&R SFV
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Cal Guns

Make: Noble
Model: Model 50
Caliber: 16ga
Location (city or county): SFV
Price: Trade.... Mosins need not apply (sorry) or 200$
Will ship (Y/N): nope, sorry
Other info: looking to trade for reloading supplies or ????... i put around 10 rnds of game load through it and at 10 yards it groups nice.
the stock is cracked and someone down the road put some sort of glue on it. doesn't effect its function of the gun.
The Model 50 has a 16Ga barrel on it but i think you can put the Model 60 barrel on it and shoot 12Ga (but dont quote me)
This is C&R (cash and carry)
comes with 1 and 1/2 boxes of Remington game load.
Make: M59 Yugo SKS
Model: SKS
Caliber: 7.62x39
Location (city or county): SFV
Price: Trade for a handgun or really complete reloading set up.... or 500$
Will ship (Y/N): nope, sorry
Other info:Yugoslavian M59 SKS. The stock matches the receiver but the bolt is a different number. Pretty clean rifle, no rust, clean bore, smooth action.
I also have the bayonet, but i couldn't fit it in my case. when purchasing the rifle, i will reattach it
-ammo pouch
-literally a grip of stripper clips
-OEM cleaning kit. with some sort of bore snake
It has a $65 Tom Prince of Kivaari.com Match/Trigger safety job
This corrects any unsafe negative sear engagement and really smooths out the trigger