Norinco M14 with 12 magazines

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Norinco M14 with 12 magazines


Price: $1100

Brand: Norinco

Seller: huntsky

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Like new Norinco M-14 Pre-ban semi auto rifle. It has a tight muzzle and chamber, both gauge 1. This rifle has a flash hider and bayonet lug. Finish is 95%. The stock is a brand new birch USGI with original DOD and proof markings from Fred's M-14 rifle stocks. The mags are all new, never used, all hold 20 rounds. Included is a slotted handguard and 1 brown USGI handguard and a black USGI handguard as well.


$1050.00 shipped. A great price for this package with all the mags. I am selling to find a CMP Garand

Email me at for detailed photos


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