Norinco MAK90

about 2 years ago
Norinco MAK90
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Northwest Firearms

Want to sell or trade my Norinco MAK90.
Excellent condition, has an Ironwood design stock set (pretty sure that's the maker- came like this, so can't be positive, as it's not marked)
Includes 3 30 round steel Yugo bolt hold open mags, Chinese sling,very nice hard carrying case.
Other mags and original wood in lower right corner in picture not included.
$800 cash firm- lowest I will ever go- no cash offers listened to!
BUT,I will trade for NON- sporterized GERMAN K98, 1903/03A3,Garand,M1 Carbine,P38,Luger, etc.
Not interested in anything modern,plastic,or otherwise L-a-m-e.
Will consider trades for WW2 German, Japanese, or US military collectibles (helmets, swords,uniforms, flags, badges, etc)
More pics available if necessary.
All constitutional and Federal laws will be strictly adhered to.