7mm mauser wooden bullet rounds

over 1 year ago
North American
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Northwest Firearms

Got this some time ago with a box of parts and it just sets around. Don't go nowhere. It does shoot and doesn't seem to be corrosive. I'm thinking WWII and I have heard tales of American GI troops surprising Germans on a training exercise and the only ammo they had was this stuff and the GI's picked up a lot of splinters. At any rate, also included is some 38 and 44 calibre rubber bullets. I don't know the value but would trade all of it for a couple bricks of 22 LR or AR or AK ammo or whatever you might come up with in the shooting sports area. I'm in Lebanon so due to the value a transaction kinda needs to be somewhat in that area. I will be set up at the Albany gun show this week end. You can contact me through this post or call me at 541-401-1063 I DON'T TEXT