Milled ak47 Underfolder San Jose w/ shipping

9 months ago
North American
Available on
Cal Guns
South Bay Area

Hello all,
I have great condition AK on the block.
Made in USA by ATI using an American made milled receiver and American made barrel. Everything else is from a yugo kit. Custom HKparts rear sight installed on the rear of the very heavy duty and tightly fitted dust cover. Tapco nickel boron fire control group installed. Very low round count (~100 rounds down the tube).
Will be sold with the standard skinny AK pistol grip that is kydex fin wrapped and this pistol grip on the side.
Comes with one metal 10/30 mag, bayonet, cleaning kit, oil can and sling.
Asking $1000 OBO
PPT can be quickly and easily done at RedSkull or any FFL of your liking in the S Bay Area or around.
Please do not post on thread, all questions should be sent via PM.