Ruger American .308 For Sale

about 1 year ago
North American
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Cal Guns

Hello everyone!
I am looking to sell my Ruger American rifle, chambered in .308 Winchester. It is in almost brand-new condition, with a measly 10 rounds total fired through it. Included is a Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x32 scope, a Vortex scope mount, and also a bipod. Oh, and of course, the 4-round magazine that came with the gun. I am looking to sell all of this for $650 For reference:
Ruger American MSRP: $450
I'm selling the gun for: $400
Vortex Scope MSRP: $180
I'm selling scope for: $150
Scope mount MSRP: $100
I'm selling mount for: $80
I bought the bipod for $40, and selling it for $20
There's absolutely nothing wrong with the gun, I simply don't have much use for it, as I'm not a hunter, and don't particularly enjoy shooting rifles. I am willing to trade this for something of equal value, I'm fond of handguns and looking for a Glock 35, and I'm not really willing to be talked down to a lower price. I've got a few rounds of brass .308 that I'll throw in with the purchase of this firearm.
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