338-06 Scout DFW Tx

over 5 years ago
338-06 Scout DFW Tx
North American
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Sniper Hide

No you won't be the only kid on the block to own one................you'll be one of two humans on the entire planet to own one. The other guys isn't selling his.
Built by Brand Cole of Promethius fame for me prior to Y2K, while Brand was R&D Engineering manager at Shilen.
338-06 chambering
Shilen 23 5/8th's inch barrel
Integral scope mount, not screwed on aftermarket junk.
Talley rings
Leupold Extreme heavy duplex reticle for dense cover use.
Whitworth bottom metal
Timney tragger
Buehler swing safety
Cloverleafs three shot groups with 200 grain ammunition at 2700fps.
Sighted 250 yards
Accurately servicable to 400 yards easiliy.
Hunt any game animal that walks on the North American continent.
This rifle will shoot clean through a rabbit at distance. Front to back or side to side.
In fact, once shot, you'll be hard pressed to determine front, baack, side or inside and outside. Hell, it'll even eat small game for you.
Comes with Redding die set.
Less than 50 rounds fired.
Counted 200 Sierra 215 grain soft point, 200 Sierra 250 grain soft point, a bunch of Hornady 250 grain round nose I was given ( 30-40 or so ) and 1 full box, one open box of Hornady 225 spire point bullets to go with the deal.
Almost no brass, didn't load nearly as much as I thought for this, maybe 45 rounds of empty for load development.
Would consider nice 1911's in 45 as partial trade. Not really interested in race guns.