Custom 375 GNR Encore barrel w/dies

about 6 years ago
Custom 375 GNR Encore barrel w/dies
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Custom 375 GNR Encore barrel w/dies
I have a custom made Encore pistol barrel chambered in 375 GNR.
The barrel was made by Gary Reeder Custom Guns of Flagstaff, AZ.
The barrel is a full bull barrel measuring 1" at the muzzle.
12" in length.
Bore is excellent, crown is perfect.
Stainless Steel.
The 12" heavy bull barrel is a perfect balance for a packing size hunting handgun.
Will fit any T/C Encore frame.
Will NOT fit G2 or Contender.
The 375 GNR is a 445 SuperMag case necked down to .375". This barrel shoots 225 grain gas-checked LBT's at over 2000 fps.
Similar velocities are achieved with Hornady 225 grain Interlocks.
Very good accuracy.
This cartridge can be loaded with a variety of powders including W296, H4227, AA1680, RL7, Lil'Gun, and 2400.
This cartridge is capable of taking most North American game with correct bullet/shot placement.
The barrel includes a Leupold dual-dovetail mount and 1" medium height Leupold dual-dovetail rings.
Also included is a set of custom Hornady dies and complete load data.
I have 100 pieces of 1x fired, fire-formed Starline brass I am including.
$450 in the form of money order or cashiers check shipped TYD.
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