WTS Weapons, War, Aviation Books and Small Qtys of .30 carbine, 300 Win Mag Brass

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WTS Weapons, War, Aviation Books and Small Qtys of .30 carbine, 300 Win Mag Brass
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1. Germany at War in Color. An amazing collection of color photos from all facets of Nazi Germany in WWII. Excellent large format 256 page SC. $10 shipped
2. Lone Survivor / The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of Seal Team 10. VG 392 page SC. $8 shipped
3. Ringed in Steel / Armored Cavalry, Vietnam 1967-68. VG 214 page SC with creased front cover. $7 shipped
4. German Battleships 1939-45. A great Osprey book, fully illustrated with photos and drawings. VG 48 page SC. $8 shipped
5. MacArthur in the Pacific / From the Philippines to the Fall of Japan. A great book on the Pacific war, with great photos and descriptive captions. VG large format 160 page SC. $8 shipped
6. P-47 Thunderbolt at War. A great photo history of the Jug. VG fully illustrated large format 160 page HB with DJ. $10 shipped
7. Mustang / North American P-51. An outstanding photo book. Excellent large format 66 page SC. $9 shipped
8. Mustang Designer / Edgar Schmued and the P-51. A terrific book on the history of the P-51. Excellent fully illustrated 240 page SC. $10 shipped
9. The Modern US War Machine/ An encyclopedia of American military equipment and strategy. Over 500 photos, 150,000 words of text plus maps, tables, charts and diagrams. VG large format 240 page SC. $8 shipped
10. Navy SEALs / A History of the Early Years. The story of the SEALs in WWII and Korea. Excellent 358 page HB w/o DJ. $8 shipped
11. German Campaigns of World War II. All the major German campaigns of WWII with great color and B&W photos and maps. VG large format 192 page HB. $11 shipped
13. The Russian War Machine 1917-1945. A great book on all aspects of the Soviet military from the Revolution to WWII. Filled with great photos and drawings. VG large format 256 page HB with good DJ. $11 shipped
14. The Samurai Sword / A Handbook. Filled with great photos, drawings, and diagrams. VG 191 page HB with DJ. $14 shipped
15. Samuel Colt / A Man and an Epoch. A very interesting 1952 book on the life and times of Colonel Colt. Good 200 page SC. $12 shipped
16. A Most Fortunate Ship / A Narrative History of Old Ironsides. A very detailed account. Excellent 421 page SC. $10 shipped
17. Infantry Warfare / The Theory and Practice of Infantry Combat in the 20th Century. Excellent fully illustrated large format 176 page HB. $12 shipped
18. What They Didn't Teach You About World War II. Packed with info on all aspects of the war. An interesting read. Excellent 345 page SC. $10 shipped
19. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Search for Victory / American-Soviet Relations 1939-1945. Excellent 243 page SC. $8 shipped
20. Flags of Our Fathers. The epic account of the capture of Iwo Jima. Excellent 382 page SC. $9 shipped
21. Paris / Under the Occupation. A lot of little-known info in this VG 209 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
22. Fighting with the Screaming Eagles / With the 101st Airborne from Normandy to Bastogne. Excellent 256 page SC. $9 shipped
23. Line of Departure: Tarawa / The dramatic story of the annihilating 76-hour battle marking the starting point of defeating the enemy in the Pacific. Good 206 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
24. The Story of World War II. Excellent illustrated 704 page SC. $9 shipped
25. Echoes of Eagles / A Son's Search for His Father and the Legacy of America's First Fighter Pilots. Excellent 307 page HB with DJ. $12 shipped
26. Portrait of a Flying Lady. The saga of the 401st BG (H), Bowman's Bombers, 8th Air Force and the "Maiden, U.S.A.". Excellent high-quality illustrated 256 page HB with an inscription on the title page. $13 shipped
27. Post-World War II Fighters 1945-1973. VG 358 page HB. $10 shipped
28. Ploesti / The Ground-Air Battle of 1 August 1943. A very thorough account, in typical high quality Brassey's tradition. Excellent 309 page SC. $10 shipped
29. The Hawk and the Dove / World War II at Okinawa and Korea. Excellent 256 page SC. $10 shipped
30. Black Berets and Painted Faces / The Story of a LRP in Vietnam / The Eyes of the Eagle Eyes Behind the Lines. Excellent 486 page HB with VG DJ. $9 shipped
31. No Easy Day / The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden. VG 313 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
32. Apache Dawn / Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. VG 288 page SC. $8 shipped
33. In the Company of Soldiers / A Chronicle of Combat. Excellent 319 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
34. One Bullet Away / The Making of a Marine Officer. Excellent 369 page HB with DJ. $8 shipped
35. Weapon of Choice / U.S. Army Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan. Incredible detail in this VG 399 page SC. $10 shipped
Take $2 off each additional book.
Brass: All once-fired, not cleaned. (92) PMC .30 carbine, and (20) Remingtion 300 Win Mag. $22 shipped