Custom 280 Ackley Imp FS

over 2 years ago
Custom 280 Ackley Imp FS
NR Davis
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Long Range Hunting

Blueprinted Remington 700 in 280AI from Davis Customs Zionsville, NC. Second owner, less then 200 rounds fired, and its a 1/2" MOA or better shooter.
SS Rem 700 jewelled bolt and tacti knob
Bartlien 24" 10 flute barrel chambered in 280AI threaded
360 vias brake
SS floor plate
50pc Nosler 280AI brass.
I never used and now lost original owners load (to small of bullet for me) but worked up my own
168g LRAB - 60.2g H4831SC set 2.825 OG
This load produced groups less then 1" @ 200yards
(I never shoot at 100y)