WTS VEPR 7.62x54r Tactical Sniper Heavily Customized Optic Ready Rifle!

almost 2 years ago
WTS VEPR 7.62x54r Tactical Sniper Heavily Customized Optic Ready Rifle!
NR Davis
Available on
Cal Guns

Model: VEPR
Caliber: 7.62x54r
Location: Pasadena
Price: $1500.00
Will ship (Y/N): No for now, depending on situation, may change Mind.
Other info:
Good afternoon folks! Thanks for taking a look at my rifle. Up for sale is my Molot VEPR chambered in 7.62x54r. This was originally the tactical model from Atlantic Firearms that comes with the 23" barrel and railed forend. I've only put about 300 rounds through the rifle, but I'm looking to try something new, so this one is being offered to a good home!
It shoots great even with heavy 182gr ball ammo from PRVI Partizan.
I have made several upgrades to the rifle I believe you'll see set this rifle apart.
-Replaced original stock with a MAGPUL PRS Stock with the extended Buttpad for extra stability and comfort while shooting.
-Replaced the original forend with a Krebs Custom Keymod Forend.
-Installed a KV-04s scope mount (included with the rifle).
-Installed an Ares Armss EFFN-A fully adjustable compensator.
-Installed a Tromix Extended Rounded Bolt Handle.
-Entire Rifle has been Cerakoted OD Green with the PRS and Krebs forend cerakoted Sniper Green
Also included with this sale is the following:
-2 Factory Molot 5-Round Magazines
-2 SGM Tactical 10-Round Magazines
-Original Stock, Forend, Tabuk Flash hider
-Adjustment screws and wrench for the Compensator.
-Plano Rifle Case.
As an added bonus to the buyer of the gun, I will include 80 rounds of Red Army Standard 148gr Steel Case/Lead Core RANGE SAFE ammo so you can hit the range right away.
I'll also be putting up a bunch of milsurp/range safe ammo and 54r reloading supplies in the ammo/reloading supplies sale forum since this is my only 54r rifle and I'm no longer shooting it. Please make sure to check them out shortly!
I'll do my best to respond to PMs as quickly as I can. This weekend might be a bit hectic so my responses may be a bit delayed. I can meet at several locations to do the PPT if you wish. I've had good experiences with:
-Turners in West Covina and Pasadena (though they're pretty busy with the rush lately)
-Bain and Davis in San Gabriel
-Wimpeys Pawn Shop in Irwindale
-Guns Direct Burbank
-Gunrunners Duarte
If there's another location fairly close by, we can work something out. Thanks again for taking a look!