NEF/H&R Sawed-off single shot 12 gauge $180 OBO

over 1 year ago
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Northwest Firearms

Up for sale: One H&R Pardner break-action 12 gauge sawed off to 18.5". The wooden buttstock has also been chopped a little and fitted with a slip-on decelerator recoil pad, making the total length of pull about 13". It also has an elastic 5-shell butt cuff and a snap on fiber optic bead.
The little screw that holds the forearm to the barrel is missing. I ended up leaving it off because the forearm stays on fine by friction and it made it so easy to break down into three pieces in seconds to stow in a backpack. Couldn't find it when I decided to sell.
These H&R single shots are getting hard to find now for whatever reason. I noticed that Walmart started carrying a different model. If you've thought about getting a survival pack gun like this, now might be a good time.
I'm in Olympia. $180 OBO.