Omega MP5 Pistol Laguna Hills PPT

11 months ago
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Cal Guns

Omega MP5 Copy (through Atlantic Firearms)
Model: OM9-FS
Caliber: 9mm
PPT at OC Armory in Laguna Hills Only:
Price: $3500 obo
Can't ship, not on roster
This will be DROS'd and sold with the trigger group removed (barreled upper).
Per the DOJ regulations this is not considered an AW with the trigger group removed.
It will be the buyers responsibility to make this comply with the current law.
I bought this new over a year ago and added the ambi-trigger kit.
I was hoping I would be able to register this and use a regular mag release, but the DOJ had other plans.
This was purchase and DROS'd as a pistol, and will include the original DROS paperwork as proof.
I spoke to OC Armory, and they will DROS this as a barreled upper PPT.
I took this to the range only once and put about 60 rounds of 3 different ammo manufacturers (including WW white box).
It worked flawlessly.
This is basically like new and has sat in the safe since. Has threaded barrel (w/protector screwed on) & tri-lug. Comes with original paper and mag release parts.
Serious inquiries only.
Lowball offers will be ignored.