WTS HK 11 LMG clone (MM11) Trades added 01-24

over 4 years ago
WTS HK 11 LMG clone (MM11) Trades added 01-24
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Hi Folks
Selling a rifle that needs to see the range!
It's a custom built, no expense spared HK 11 clone.
All parts were new at time of build and upgrade.
Built by Michaels Machine to my spec's & then upgraded! Base gun $3295
New PTR91 rec $inc
Heavy side rails for support $175
US made Silent close / foward assist $550
HK Germany HK91 Bolt carrier with notches $275
M1913 welded pic rail for endless optic choices $175
HK FMP gen 1 LMG bipod (not shown but included)
HK FMP 308 LMG E barrel was new at time of build
Hk Germany 3rd gen 1200m rear sight $325
HK Germany FBI ambi pack internals with 308 ejector & extended safety ($800 upgrade)
HK Germany LMG buttstock with MSG90 two stage sniper buffer ($500 upgrade)
HK Germany LMG E assault grip $85
Bill Springfield trigger job $65
Total round count is under 250, runs flawless. What a joy to shoot 308 out this rifle, hard hitting
and very little recoil with the buffer & weight. The only signs of wear are on the pic rail from different
optics being tried out, and at the bipod attatchment locations, as expected. Otherwise a no excuse gun.
comes with a CA mag lock, will ship with correct parts if it sells to a free state.
$4950 shipped to your FFL that will accept from an individual. I ship FedEx ground tracked, insurance is
on you. My loss your gain, my build cost was over $6200
Thanks for looking, will post here for a few days, then off to auction. This rifle uses the ever plentiful G3 magazine.
Will throw in a few if legal where you are.
*If you don't want the trigger pack the price would be $4350 shipped.*
** Full Trade value is $5450 / $4850 less trigger pack**
Might entertain watches in trade, an Omega Speedmaster Automatic as part trade plus cash.
Or Rolex Submariner LV (non-ceramic)/ Rolex GMT Master II 'pepsi' nearly straight across trade
Y serial and above preferred.
(depending on condition, service history, boxes & papers)