Ortgies Semi-Auto Pistol. 7.65/.32acp German 100 yrs old

over 4 years ago
Ortgies Semi-Auto Pistol. 7.65/.32acp German 100 yrs old
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The Ortgies 7.65 mm pistol was a hammerless semi-automatic pistol produced in Germany in the years immediately after World War I. 1919-1924.
The pistol was produced in 6.35 mm, 7.65 mm, and 9 mm variants. Although not expensive, at the time it was of advanced design and high quality construction with relatively few parts, well sealed against dirt. Metal components were forged or machined, and assembly in general made no use of screws, even securing the wooden grips with metal clips,
In keeping with prevalent economics in Germany at the time, factory finishes were limited to bluing or, rarely, nickel. The latter finish could be either matte or bright. No Ortgies pistol was produced with a chrome finish or, aside from one known salesman's sample, with factory engraving. Production ceased in 1924.
Overall condition for a 100 yr old firearm is good. Mechanically it appears to function ,slide racks but spring is missing.Trigger squeeze seems right.
Some handling marks and some pitting. Wood grips solid. The one magazine included appears to be a 7 rounder. Found a frame on GB for $175 and a complete gun for $375....I am asking $300 FTF and invite C&R licenses also.