Accuracy International MKII 308 + Extras

11 months ago
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Cal Guns

Hey gents,
Looking to scrape together some cash for a new vehicle I'm looking to purchase at the end of the month so I need to thin the herd.
Selling my AE MKII first. Rifle is used but not abused and like all AI's is a shooter. Tried to show any imperfections through photos.
Its got an 18" fluted bartlein barrel barrel spun up by Mile High some years ago. It's a 1:11 twist. Don't remember the contour but its thicker than the AI contour. Its got a Surefire muzzle break on it at the moment. Round count unknown but its below 200.
Ships with rifle, atlas bipod (v7), TIS sling, 1x 10rd mag, 3x 5 rd magazines, 200 rounds of Lapua 155gr Scenar factory ammunition and 50 rounds of Lapua 175gr Scenar factory loaded ammunition. AI thumbscrews also included.
$2500 shipped (I'm located in Louisiana) payment via PayPal. Seller covers fees unless using F&F. I'll also take money orders if that is your preferance. Please don't offer any trades, I really need the cash for a vehicle. Rifle will ship to the FFL of your choice and accessories to your door.
Drop me a PM with any questions.