Cooper M21 MTV .223 Claro AAA Claro Walnut (WA)

about 3 years ago
FS: Cooper M21 MTV .223 Claro AAA Claro Walnut (WA)
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Cal Guns
Tacoma, WA

Sometimes I don't know why I do things.
I never thought that I would sell my Cooper in 223 but I am in the midst of a kitchen remodel as well as a bathroom project and I tend to use those more than this bolt gun.
The rifle was purchased in 2008 with an upgraded AAA claro Walnut stock as well as the fluted barrel. I added the USO mount and stuck a Zeiss scope on their for the first few years I owned the rifle and then moved out of country. When I came back I mounted the Zeiss on an AR, the reason for the mount.
It's seen rougly 400rds and always proved a shooter with 52gr SMK, 52gr bergers, as well as 50 and 55 gr VMAX. The rifle isn't a safe queen. It does have knicks and a small crack in the stock that I've attempted to document in the photos. If you are curious about accuracy, I've consistenly shot in the .2s at 100yds and .6 at 200yds (range limit). My best 200yd group was with 52gr SMK and measured .4" for a 5-shot run.
I am asking $1750 for the rifle and $900 for the Zeiss 5-20x50mm MC w/Varmint reticle + Bobro mount.
Package total $2650.