Spikes AR Full Lower - SF Peninsula - May Ship

12 months ago
Available on
Cal Guns
Peninsula, SF Bay Area

I built this up last December with goals of building a full gun but life and other things have gotten in the way so after having it sit in my safe for 10 months I am going to let it go.
Spikes upper and lower receiver set $230
Geiselle SSA Trigger $240
Vltor spring and buffer kit $30
Vltor 5 position Receiver extension tube $50
Wilson Lower Parts Kit $50
CA Bullet Button $12 / will include the Wilson magazine release for those in free states
Magpul K grip $20
Magpul Carbine Stock $60
Tax and shipping on everything to me $120 plus
Total build cost: $800 plus
Everything brand new,
unused, unfired, ready for your build.
Sell for $775
Will install fixed mag device or pin stock and cover grip, buyers choice/dime to make compliant
shipped if your ffl will receive from an individual, buyer pays actual ffl shipping costs if I have to ship from an FFL
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