Surefire/VTAC L4 Flashlight

over 3 years ago
Surefire/VTAC L4 Flashlight
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M4 Carbine

Hi all, I have a LNIB Surfire/Vikings tacts L4 flashlight.
This is made by surefire and the exact same thing as E2D LED defender, but when you buy it from viking tactics they change the head so that it is only single output 200 there is NO low mode. (Their is momentary on/off and constant on off but no low momentary).
Its meant to be simple and effective.
Great, light, just never gets used by me.
Here is a link to the website, but note that this link is for the new L4U (ultra model)
I am only linking so you can see how viking tactics sells them only a single lumen output.
THE MODEL I AM Selling IS A L4 (NON-ultra 200 lumens)
Excellent home light.
Very simple to use, built extremely tough and just the right size.
Price: $125 shipped to your door USPS priority
I accept: MO, Personal Check (post clear send) and Paypal (+3% or gift) .
I would trade +/- cash for an
-X300/400 or
-TAD Fastpack EDC