WTS/T: FN SCAR 17 DMR Package, San Jose, No ship but can travel

10 months ago
Available on
Cal Guns

Hello Calgun members!
Getting rid of one of my prized possessions.
It is brand new, has never seen a round other than testing at the factory (assuming FN does that).
So new it hasn't even been oiled yet.
Made featureless for California compliance.
Parts consist of: KDG Mrex Rail, Harris Bipod, Nikon Rifle Scope, Gemtech Muzzle brake, Gemtech blast jacket and a PEQ replica for aesthetics.
Will also come with 1,000 rounds of 7.62x51 Aguila Ammo.
Asking 4,600.
Am negotiable, and will consider trades/trades plus cash.
Show me what you got!!!
No ARs please.
P.S, I can travel on your dime.
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