Model 1894 Chief Crazy Horse Commemorative in 38-55

over 3 years ago
Model 1894 Chief Crazy Horse Commemorative in 38-55
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Northwest Firearms

Looking for interesting trades. This is a commemorative that was made in a limited quantity. This particular one was manufactured in the first 25% of the total run of 19,999. I think they have one of these at Cabela Tualatin for $1599. This one is in 85%-90% condition conservatively. Bluing is near perfect, engraving as well. There are some nicks worth mentioning in the stock.
Trades; I saw around Christmastime Para-Ordnance 1911's were getting bought for $399 after rebate, I'd take a pair of those. If you have a pile of restoreable old guns I'd have a look at that. 1768 Charleville flintlock Musket in national military bright has been on my list for a while. Other stuff, decent diesel generator, 1975 or older car, other guns of equal value etc. NO JUNK PLEASE, but I suppose if its good junk let me know.