Para Ordnance P14-40 .40S&W Double Stack 1911 Carry/Officer Size

almost 5 years ago
 Para Ordnance P14-40 .40S&W Double Stack 1911 Carry/Officer Size
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Northwest Firearms
Canby, OR

Hello everyone,
Plans change again and thus this is up for sale:
This is a super rare 1911 design from Para Ordnance. It is super reliable, just threw 100 rounds down range yesterday without one single failure. Both factory and hand loads.
This is designed to be carried, but with higher capacity! Double stack of .40 means with the extended magazine, it will hold 14 rounds! Now, the magazine included is limited to 10 rounds, so that may be able to be changed, but I'm not too up on it.
Now, not only that, but it's a beauuuutiful stainless finish. It's got a good set of sights on it and shoots very accurately for the diminutive size. KEEP IN MIND, THIS IS THE SA TRIGGER, NOT THE MORE COMMON, LESS FUN LDA (Light Double Action) Trigger.
Pics to get you excited...
Now, I see $$$ signs going through your head. How much could he possibly be asking for this gem of a 1911??? Oh man, probably too much. Nope. Not too much. My.... best friend.... i.e. wife says sell it! So, let's just say you can have this beauty for $460 CASH!! "THAT'S ALL?!?!" you say.... well...
IF you buy soon, and I mean soooooon, you will receive a FREE .40 caliber BoreSnake for keeping' this baby clean!
But if that isn't enough for you... I'll even throw in about 40 rounds of factory MagTech .40 I have sitting around as well... for FREE!
PHEW, was that a mouthful! Anyway act soon because supplies are limited! Well... they are actually limited to one... so NO RAINCHECKS or SUBSTITUTIONS PLEASE.
PM me and tell me you'll take it. You won't be disappointed.