1901 Parker Brothers Model GH 12g

over 2 years ago
1901 Parker Brothers Model GH 12g
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Hello all i have a Not mint nor poor condition but something in the middle Parker Brothers Model Gh 12g side by side. The furniture is beautiful and very very nice, the metal has some casing still on it and in general a beautiful shotgun.
I have seen prices upwards near $9,000 in mint and down to $1000 in poor on these. I am open to trades of modern firearms as im not a collector. this is a deceased family members from a couple generations back, but im just not into firearms i wont use.
Im going to ask $2000 cash OBO , trades would have to be equal if i really like it to greater in value.
Portland area but obviously since its a long gun Washington is fine too and possibly shipping if needed to other states.
Heres a bunch of pictures . If someone knows these really well, please PM me with any other info you can share. I just know they were pretty high-grade shotguns of the time.
And if im off on price, either too high or too low send me a PM and tell me why , these arent something i know a ton about, but have a legit reason is all i ask. I did take this to a couple of semi experts shops and got told it was in pretty decent condition, so thats why i know its not in Poor or Mint condition.