Parker Hale P58 Enfield Musket w/ Casting Kit, LA County, No Shipping

about 2 years ago
Parker Hale P58 Enfield Musket w/ Casting Kit, LA County, No Shipping
Parker Hale
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LA County

Make: Parker Hale
Model: P58 Enfield
Caliber: .58
Location: LA County
Price: $1000.00
Will ship: No
Other info:
Selling my rare Parker Hale P58 Enfield caplock musket. These muskets were made in Birmingham, England from the 1970's to mid 90's and made using local materials. Parker Hale used gauges from the Tower Of London Royal Armory that were actually used to manufacture the original Enfields back in the 1850's and 60's. These rifles are highly sought after for their craftsmanship, shooting accuracy and overall quality as well as their ever growing scarcity as they are no longer produced. They are as close to the originals as you can get without actually buying an original Enfield and breaking the bank.
The P58 was the rifle chosen for use by the Royal Navy as well as sharpshooter units in the army given their 1:48 twist achieved greater accuracy compared to the standard infantry 3-band version which had a 1:72 twist. This rifle can easily reach out to 800 yards and even beyond given the right conditions. The P58 was also favored by Confederate sharpshooters in the Civil War given their accuracy.
Included with the rifle will be a carry case as well as cleaning kit. Also including a bullet casting kit from Lyman that was used only once. Contains an electric casting furnace that can melt lead quite easily. Also comes with Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 4th Edition, casting ladle and ingot mold as well as instructions and welding gloves and lubes for fluxing. I will also include the caps, the bullet casting mold for .577 minie balls as well as already casted minie balls and lead ingots.
Price is $1000 firm! Shoot me a PM for contact info if you are interested or need additional details/ questions answered. I will not accept any trades or counter-offers, cash only!
California law states black powder muzzle loaders/ pistols that utilize flintlock or caplock mechanisms do not require an FFL to transfer as they are considered antiques which means you can pay and pick it up on the same day without any hassle or the usual 10 day waiting period from a dealer. Even though this is black powder you still must be at least 18 years old to purchase a long gun as dictated by federal and state law.
Thanks for looking!