Spikes Lower + upper, Magpul, Midwest Industries AR-15 + ammo

over 3 years ago
Spikes Lower + upper, Magpul, Midwest Industries AR-15 + ammo
Phoenix Arms
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North Dakota soon... Posts 4,555

For sale is my AR. Had bills come up and need some cash.
This rifle was built at USDS. Spikes lower and upper. Spikes LPK. Rock River bolt. Green Mtn 1:8 chrome lined 5.56 barrel. Midwest Industries Keymod rails. Daniel Defense muzzle break. Magpul stock and grip. EoTech 512. Magpul polymer backup sights. Urban ERT sling. B.A.D. Lever. There's an upgraded latch on the charging handle. Probably more I'm forgetting.
Roughly 700-800 rounds of Tula and brass cased ammo. Been out of the gun crowd lately but I guess there's a run on green tip ammo. Have roughly 120 rounds of that. Nine PMags and Hera Arms 30 rnd magazines.
Asking $1600 obo. I've honestly probably only shot three magazines through this. Would rather sell and pay my bills. Gun doesn't do anything but sit. I had big plans for the rifle that never really panned out. No trades, cash only. Located near Greenwood.