1858 Remington 8" .44 cal Revolver + Extras

over 2 years ago
1858 Remington 8" .44 cal Revolver + Extras
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For sale is a 1858 Remington .44 cal cap and ball revolver replica. Pietta mfg I think, sold through Richland Arms.
This was an unbuilt kit from the 1980s that was like new in the box when I bought it a few months ago. I finished the kit and painted the brass frame black. Paint is high temp ceramic base and was baked at 400* for two hours. Barrel and loading lever has been finished and blued.
The finished revolver has been shot exactly 54 times. That's nine complete reloads of the cylinder.
It is very accurate as can be seen from the target below. Shot from 30 yards off hand. This was the second loading. Load was .451 ball on top of 20 gr. of FFF black powder.
Revolver comes with two boxes of pure lead round balls, both .451 and .454 sizes. Over 70 rounds in each box. A can of FFF Goex black powder. Percussion caps with brass capper. All original paper work and box. This is near complete setup. The only thing you need is a powder measurer and you're ready to go.
Price for 1858 Remington replica with all listed items is $200. No trades.
No FFL required.
PS; I know the box says 1859 Remington but there is no such critter. It's Italian humor or marketing ploy I guess.