Savage model 135 series A, Gunsmith special

over 3 years ago

					Savage model 135 series A, Gunsmith special
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Hello all. I am ready to part with my Savage model 135 series A .22 rifle. I got this rifle a few months back. I purchased it knowing their was something wrong with it. I was hoping to tinker with it and hopefully get it to run right. I failed. The rifle seems to have a problem ejecting the spent rounds. Almost like its trying eject towards the left which doesn't have an opening. This problem may involve the ammo feeding system, as it will eject just fine one round loaded at a time. This problem is I am sorry to say, beyond me. Know thyself right? So lets see if we can find it a good home. The blueing is almost gone on the barrel but everything else seems to look good to me. I tried to take good pics to give you the best description possible. $70 obo. I would like to see id, and a signature on a bill of sale we both will get a copy of. FTF around the Avon/ Plainfield area. Please do not bump this thread. Pm all offers please.
Thanks for looking.