Swarovski ATX Modular spotting scope package FS 65/85mm

over 1 year ago
Point Right
Available on
Long Range Hunting
siletz, oregon

I am considering selling this package. It's a great scope and very handy
having both objectives for any situation. I'm on the fence as I
currently have 2 other scopes in 65 and 85 and I'm thinking that I
prefer having the 2 separate scopes. This setup was just purchased. I
bought the ATX 65mm myself and picked up a like new second hand 85mm
objective. I've had them a few weeks and was gauging interest on these
before I decide what to do. All boxes and accessories come with them as
new. Right now, I'm only selling as a package. Let me know if there are
any questions. Retail on this package is $5496, current Swaro
Anniversary pricing runs thru 9/30 and you can pick it up for $4449.
I'll sell this package for $4100. Not looking for any trades right now
but you can always try me.