Century C39 V2 Milled Magpul New in Box, Soviet Spec Mount, San Francisco No Shipping

about 1 year ago
Pointer Brand
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Cal Guns
(city or county): San Francisco, CA

C39 V2 Milled Magpul
7.62 x 39mm
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San Francisco, CA
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Other info:
Brand new in box with manual C39 V2.
Bought this last year thinking it would be my main AK, never shot it and I have way too many AK's.
The rifle has never been fired.
Has a Soviet (or Russian Combloc) spec steel nitrided AK-47 side rail mount from AK builder.
It's a very high quality mount and it's installed professionally using an allen bolt at the rear (threaded into rear of receiver) and an allen bolt at the center (nylock nut secured) and a Ak builder rivet at the front (completely low profile and clears magwell / mag completely).
Professionally done, these are almost impossible to install without a solid carbide drill and a press because of the insanely hard nitrided receiver.
Cost $100 for the mount and install.
Atlantic fin grip, sold as featureless.
1 ten round magpul mag.
You can buy these for 850 on Atlantic now but after fees it's another $150+, plus they only sell them with the silly Century proprietary mount.
With the Combloc mount, you can use any of the Russian optics or any of the USA made (like Midwest) combloc style mounts, which number in the hundreds.
Plus add the cost of the fin grip, which is another $50.
So buying it elsewhere is probably around $1050+.
PPT is $35 at my local shop or can meet at any shop in my area.
Has the standard C39 V2 Century muzzle brake, NO IT IS NOT A FLASH HIDER.
It does not suppress flash in any way, it's purely a brake/compensator.
Original box and manual.
See a high res picture gallery HERE.