WTT/ Rifles INC 257 STW

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WTT/ Rifles INC 257 STW
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Long Range Hunting

Custom Rifles Inc. Master Series Remington 700 257 STW. Stainless Steel Reciever that was Blueprinted and Trued, 27" Lilja Bbl (Factory Remington Mag Contour) that was precision hand match lapped. McMilan Green and Tan Swirly Stock. Bolt work including Spiral fluting, skeletonizing and the fluted tactical knob was performed by Carl at Kampfield Custom. The trigger was tuned by Lex and breaks like glass at 2lb. The scope is a Lecia 4.5-14X42 that was sent to Premier Reticle to have a Premier Etched Reticle installed. It has Stadia Lines from 300 yds to 800 yds. This gun
has been a safe Queen for years and has been hunted with very little and is in very nice condition. There has been 211 rds down the tube and it is a Tack driver. Included will be a set of RCBS Dies, 1- Box of loaded ammo and formed Nolser 7 STW Brass. It shoots 115 gr Nolser Combined Technogly bullets
at 3650 fps with RL 25. This is The Ultimate long Range Deer,Antelope or Elk gun with minimum recoil. The Rifle and scope combo cost over $6700.00 when New. It will include the original test target and paper work from Rifles Inc. and will also include the paper work with all the Ballistic info from Premier.
I'm interested in Trading for a LNIB Custom High End 1911 45 ACP, 38 Super or 9 mm.
If interested contact by text @ 731-418-2694
Lefty 45