Custom Left Hand 7mm08 Built By Spartan Rifles

about 5 years ago
Custom Left Hand 7mm08 Built By Spartan Rifles
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This rifle was built over the last six months. I just received it three weeks ago.
Only reason for selling is my dad passed with Cancer and need to help my Mom out and my truck has transmission problems.
This was built my Marc S of Spartan Rifles. Round count is 20.
700 Action trued with 8/40 screws.
Bartlein M24 #14 I believe. 7mm 8.4 twist 5R rifling chambered in 7mm-08.
McMillan A5 stock with Badger M5 cutout. Bipod stud in front and flush cups on right side.
Timney trigger @ 1.5 lbs
PTG bottom metal with Alpha mag.
Seekins 20MOA base, TPS 30mm rings.
Bushnell 6-24x50 G2DMR scope. Have box receipt and everything for the scope.
PM for more details or pics.
Located near Sacramento. Asking 2900$
Marc is a premier rifle builder one of the best in the country IMO. Makes me sick to sell but work and kids come #1.