LH Custom Bolt 7mm08 Built By Spartan Precision.

almost 5 years ago
LH Custom Bolt 7mm08 Built By Spartan Precision.
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This rifle was built over the last six months. I just received it three weeks ago.
Only reason for selling is my dad passed with cancer and need to help my Mom out with expenses.
This was built my Marc S of Spartan Rifles. Round count is 20.
700 Action trued and was tapped 8/40 screws.
Bartlein M24 #14 7mm 8.4 twist 5R rifling chambered in 7mm-08.
McMillan A5 stock with Badger M5 cutout. Bipod stud in front and flush cups on right side.
Timney trigger @ 1.5 lbs
PTG bottom metal with Alpha mag.
Seekins 20MOA base, TPS 30mm rings.
Bushnell 6-24x50 G2DMR scope. Have box receipt and everything for the scope.
PM for more details or pics.
Located near Sacramento. Asking 2800$ Make an offer. I also have Around 500 162 BTHP Hornady bullets and some 162 AMAX for it.
Marc is a premier rifle builder one of the best in the country IMO.