C&R Unissued/Unfired Pair of Radom P-64 Pistols - One or both

over 4 years ago
C&R Unissued/Unfired Pair of Radom P-64 Pistols - One or both
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I bought three of these, and have never fired the two nicest ones. I am keeping the third one since it is a lot of fun to shoot and it had a scratch on the slide when I bought it. These two don't. Both are First Models made in 1969. I do not believe they were issued, or at least they don't have any holster wear like the more recent imports do. A cool thing about both of them is that they have a very discreet and small import mark on the bottom of the slide, not on the side. The one I am keeping required no break-in period and has been reliable since the first shot. More recent imported versions of these I have seen have quite a bit of wear on them. these are from the first batch that was apparently imported several years ago, like maybe in the early 1990s.
There is a lot of stuff on the internet about the trigger pulls on these. Single action pull is exceptional on both of them for what they are. Light and crisp. The double action pull is heavy, but I have read about 25 and 30 pound pulls. These are not like that. They are quite usable. Wolf Springs makes a couple of kits for them if you don't like them the way they are though. I left all of mine original. These included. They have chrome lined bores, your can chamber a round with the safety on, and the finish on them is very nice even by Western standards. They are Radoms after all. Both come with a spare magazine and a military flap holster. I believe the holsters are Bulgarian made, but I really don't have any idea if the Poles used these holsters or not. I just thought I would throw them in so you can have a holster for field use. Walther PPK civilian holsters should fit for concealed carry.
Also there is a lot of chatter about recoil on them. They are a light pistol chambered in 9x18. So they recoil. I figure anyone here who is actually gun savvy can handle them, unlike some of the idiots on YouTube. I see 200 pound men complaining about recoil, when my 5'3" 107 pound wife can shoot mine just fine. Recoil is less than a Ruger LCP and that is only a .380. I know because I have one of those too, and my wife shoots both.
Anyway, thanks for once again reading my long winded ad.
I have double checked and these are C&R eligible. I can also ship to an 01 FFL of course. Just be sure they accept guns from individuals.
Price is $220 apiece shipped, or if you collect Radoms or Eastern European pistols and want the pair, make it $420 for both delivered.
I can take about any form of payment including a discreet online one if you want to use a credit card. Of course first unconditional I'll take it gets it - or them.
All the best,
Doby Pilgrim
Santa Fe, NM
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