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Make: Century International Arms
Model: Polish Tantel AK74
Caliber: 5.45x39
Location (city or county): Rancho Cucamonga/San Bernardino County
Price: $650 or trade
This is the rock bottom price. No more offers for $600 or PMs asking me when a second price drop will happen or that they have 400-450 to spend or that you have a trade and when I respond to you to trade you NO ACK me. If you are serious PM me and I'll be glad and courteous to answer any questions you may have. Just getting a lot of PMs from Flakes. Thank you and happy/safe shooting.
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info: Got a Polish Tantel AK74 built by Century International Arms on a NODAK SPUD receiver. The rifle is CA compliant with a blocked stock (reversible) and mag lock. Despite Century Arms build quality being hit or miss I have to say they did a great job with this one. The front sight is NOT canted and the rifle fires true, the mag lock-up is great and the rivets are seated excellent. Since owning it I have not had any FTF/FTE or problems. Also I am sure they are out there but have never seen another one of these in California and spent some money to get this one over here. The Rifle has a low round count and I take care of my firearms. This rifle was cleaned meticulously after use. The rifle will come with one 10 round mag (pictured).
Just a little history from what the parts tell me: The front trunnion is stamped with an 11 and an oval ring around it. The trunnion is also stamped with the polish serial number "ZS0613" along with "1993". The 11 marking signifies the rifle was manufactured in Poland by the Lucznik Arm factory in Radom. The 1993 signifies the year it was manufactered and the ZS0613 is the original polish serial number of the rifle. The bolt, bolt carrier, recoil spring guide, top cover, and gas tube all are marked 0613 indicating they are the parts which were on the original rifle. Now the rifle was eventually demilled and shipped to the US as parts where Century International Arms reassembled them into a new rifle using the polish parts. The reciever is a Nodak Spud reciever which is a us made reciever company. They pretty much set the standard for US AK receivers. The fire control group (Tapco G2 single hook) and pistol grip are American to comply with the 922r Ruling. The barrel is also US manufactured. Other then that from what I see by reading the parts everything else is polish.
Im looking to trade for something else because I have another AK74 that has not been a safe queen like this one has and cant justify having two of the same rifles. PM me with trade offers. I like HK also if anyone wants to dump one. No USPs please. Thanks and enjoy the pictures. Jer