WTS: Polish P64 Radom C&R 1968 -with ammo, mags, holsters

over 4 years ago
WTS: Polish P64 Radom C&R 1968 -with ammo, mags, holsters
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Santa Fe, NM

I listed a couple of these last week and they sold right away so many of you didn't get to see them. This one came from the same batch. It's kind of cool to have a modern, well made pocket pistol that goes on a C&R and is about like getting a new pistol.
This is an early import with a very small import mark under the dust cover on the frame, not a big billboard like the ones that came in a couple of years ago. Even the caliber marking is discreet. These early imports were also in better shape than the later ones as well. I don't believe any of the three I had were actually issued. They were probably unfired when I got them. The one here today is marked 1968 and is the First Model. I have read lots of stuff on the Internet about stiff triggers and rough actions. Coincidentally the ones with the complaints all seem to be Second Models made from about 1970 onward. I have shot one box of 9x18 through this one, and I didn't notice any particular roughness or an overly stiff DA trigger pull. The trigger in single action is actually just a joy, and I have had PPKs with much worse. The Second Models had a different hammer, and maybe that is the difference. I just don't know.
There is a hairline mark on the right side of the slide that I guess could be called a scratch. It doesn't go through the bluing though. When I shot it, there were no malfunctions of any kind, so I loaded it up and put it in a drawer in case I needed to grab a pistol for a rabid dog or a two legged one.
This one is unusual in that it still has its electropencilled matching magazine. I am also including two extra mags with it that have different serial numbers. I don't believe there was any particular effort made to keep mags and pistols together when they were imported. The importers apparently brought them in with target grips to make the "points" needed to get them in, and then put the original grips back on after they got here. This one has the correct service grips.
They have chrome lined bores and take down about like a PPK. Also they are about the same size. I have also read where they have some sort of vicious recoil. That was not my experience. This is an all steel pistol, and feels about like any other Makarov-chambered pocket pistol to me when shooting it. It is certainly more pleasant to shoot than my wife's Ruger LCP, so anyone who complains about recoil must be a bit sensitive.
When I sell this, I will be out of 9x18 pistols, so a box of Wolf 9x18 ammunition will be shipped via Priority mail at the same as the gun. Also I have a nice issue Polish or Bulgarian military leather flap holster that will come with it as well. I will also include a nice Polish police holster in black. It is sexy. Yeah, right.
Price for pistol, magazines, and ammunition is $275 shipped to C&R or your FFL. If you don't like it, just send it back and I will happily refund your money. This is an easy guarantee for me, since I already know you'll like it, lol. But it's nice to know you aren't stuck with something you don't want.
I can take cash, money order, check, or a discreet online payment. First "I'll take it" gets it by timestamp - email, PM , or reply.
Thanks for reading my ad.
Doby Pilgrim
Edited to add this - I just remembered that the three mags are loaded and there is one in the chamber. So a full box plus 19 rounds of ammo is in the deal for a total of 69.
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