AR9 Glock 9mm - VZ2008 - SKS - AR15 7.62x39 - Ares SCR

11 months ago
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Cal Guns

The following are up for sale in San Jose.
Rifles to be transferred at Metal Dog tactical or similar.
Do not hesitate to ask any questions, but do not say you will take it unless you have cash in hand and can meet within a day or two.
Sorry, not interested in trades.
Up for sale in the next few posts:
Ares SCR - New
VZ2008 - New
AR9 9mm - New
AR15 in 7.62x39
Pristine Matching Yugo SKS with Extras
First is a brand new Ares / Fightlite SCR Lower with bolt carrier assembly.
This is a featureless lower designed to work with any standard AR15 lower and standard AR15 mags.
Lower has been upgraded with the following that were purchased separately:Ares/Fighlite Bolt Catch Assembly
Seekins Bolt Catch Lever
Troy Ambi Magazine Release Lever (flipped)
Noveske QD Sling Mount
$750 Firm for this brand new lower.
Up next is a brand new, unfired, VZ2008 in 7.62x39.
Rifle is featureless with grip wrap and fixed VZ stock installed.
Original folding stock, cleaning kit, mag pouch, and five 10/30 magazines (note rivets on right side in pics) are included.
$800 Firm