DIVORCE SALE - Remington, Tikka, Larue, LWRCI, TacSol - Sacramento

7 months ago
DIVORCE SALE - Remington, Tikka, Larue, LWRCI, TacSol - Sacramento
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Need to turn these into cash as part of the divorce settlement. So, sorry, no trades.
Please use PM for questions and offers.
Please don't ask "Is it still available?" I'll update the thread as things get sold.
Prefer FTF transfers in the Sacramento / Roseville / Auburn area, but willing to ship on your dime.
(1) .223 Rem: Remington 700 Milspec 5R with Jewell trigger. Excellent condition. 1-in-9 twist with 5R rifling. This gun will shoot bullets as heavy as the 75gr Hornady A-MAX. I've had hits with it out to 1000 yards. IMHO the Milspec 5R's are the best "tactical" rifles Remington ever made. They have great barrels and strong, tight stocks. And the Jewell trigger is unsurpassed. Asking $1100 as-is or $950 if you can live with a Timney trigger.
(2) .223 Rem: Left-handed Remington 700 Varmint Synthetic with Tubb Speed-lock firing pin plus an over-sized "tactical" bolt handle installed by Terry Cross. Very good condition, though not as pretty as the 5R above. Also a great shooter, but this barrel only has 1-in-12 twist. The heaviest bullet it can shoot is a 64gr Berger. I had great results out to 600 yards using 55gr Sierra Blitzkings. Asking $700. If you wanted to rebarrel it, I could add a Rock Creek 5R 1-in-8 stainless blank for $300.
(3) .308 Win: Left-handed Remington 700 BDL with a beautiful walnut stock and a thick Limbsaver recoil pad. Excellent condition. Equipped with a Williams receiver sight and a red fiber-optic front sight, it is light and easy to carry. Action is buttery smooth. Good shooter. Less than 100 rounds fired. Asking $800 as-is or $700 without the receiver sight. If you want scope bases or even a scope, just ask. If you're a reloader, I can fix you up with brass, dies, and bullets. The stock also has a third stud for use with a "Ching sling". Google it...
(4) 6.5x47 Lapua: Custom Tikka T3 with a 24-inch Benchmark barrel (stainless fluted) and Manners T4 stock (bedded). CDI bottom metal accepts AICS-type detachable magazines (two included). Very good condition. This is a long-range gun that feels like a walk-around varminter. It weighs only 9.5 lbs, but I've had hits with it as far a mile. Asking $2000.
(5) 22 LR: Custom 10/22 clone featuring an X-Ring action from Tactical Solutions with an integrated scope rail, a heavy fluted stainless barrel from Green Mountain, and a very functional laminated stock. Best of all it has an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G two-stage trigger from Kidd. Unbelievably clean and smooth, it is also unbelievably expensive (over $300 with the extended magazine release lever). Asking $800 FIRM. Add the scope and rings for $150. Full disclosure: This is a fun, accurate gun, but it has feeding and firing pin problems. It's needs TLC from someone with more time and expertise than I've got.
(6) Featureless AR-15 in .223 Rem: Piston-driven LWRCI M6 SPR with 16-inch spiral fluted barrel and slim-line handguard. The upper is stock, including the excellent LWRCI Skirmish sights. The lower has been enhanced with a Geiselle SSA-E two-stage trigger (sweet!), a Noveske short-throw ambidextrous safety, and an Odin over-sized magazine release button. Stock is pinned with a custom set screw. Currently wearing a left-handed Backfin on the grip, but that can be changed. Hands down, this is best-built AR I've ever handled. Rock solid and top quality on everything. Only 200 rounds fired. Asking $2200.
(7) Featureless AR-15 in .223 Rem: Complete Larue Stealth upper with a 20-inch barrel and a 13-inch quad rail. Quality forged lower by Kaiser Defence with a Geiselle "High-speed National Match" DMR adjustable two-stage trigger (cost $300), Noveske short-throw ambidextrous safety, and an adjustable Magpul PRS target stock (cost $240). This is the most accurate AR-15 that I've ever shot. Asking $1600.
(8) Featureless AR-15 lower (multi-caliber): Stag forged lower with ambidextrous safety and Geiselle SSA trigger (cost $230). Magpul MOE SL stock (brand new) has been pinned with a custom set screw. Left-handed grip wrap from Solar Tactical, but that can be changed. Asking $400.
Thanks for looking!