Super Custom AR15, Vepr FM 762x39, Ras47

about 1 year ago
Available on
Cal Guns

All firearms pictured will be compliant for 2018 at time of transfer. Glock pictured is not for sale.
Custom AR: $2200:
FN 4150+ cold hammer forged crome lined barrel. This is SAW quality steel.
JP rail, adjustable gas block and tube, captured buffer spring, and trigger springs. Massively reduced recoil.
ALG trigger.
Ace stock.
Rainier Bolt.
Nikon Scope.
Vltor bipod.
Lantac Dragon and BMD.
Magpul grip
VEPR FM $2500: lantac dragon, ALG trigger, buffer spring, buffer pad.
Upgraded fixed skeleton stock. RS regulate mount with Aimpoint PRO. VTAC sling. 762x39. Magpul grip.
RAS 47: ALG trigger, buffer spring, buffer pad, magpul stock, magpul grip, Troy claymore break. VTAC sling.
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