1989 Ford Ranger XLT ext cab 4x4

over 3 years ago

					1989 Ford Ranger XLT ext cab 4x4
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1989 Ford Ranger ext-cab
2.9 V6 5sp 4x4 (push button)
189xxx miles
Heat & A/C work, Power locks (right side not working, but door locks & unlocks), power windows, cruise.
Needs left front axle shaft installed, I have the shaft with new u joint installed. Also needs new u joint in center of front axle.
After It has been on the highway for a while it will sometimes start to run like it has lost some power, not sure why. I never looked into it.
Yes it has some rust.
Has airbags in front springs.
Good tires. I was going to swap out the tires, but can't.
It can be driven, just don't put it in 4x4.
Price just went up.
My parents have been driving it while I do some work on their truck. In the last week (3-20-2014) I have replaced the battery, fuel pump (I think that was the problem with it not running "right" after being on the highway) and the ignition control module.
After the pump was replaced my dad said it runs the best it has since they have had it.
If it doesn't sell in a week or 2
I will get the front axle fixed and raise the price again.
The pics are very large.http://ingunowners.com/forums/attach...8&d=1387215946http://ingunowners.com/forums/attach...7&d=1387215930http://ingunowners.com/forums/attach...8&d=1388538094http://ingunowners.com/forums/attach...7&d=1388538079